Ear tags

Agroktinotrofiki is a company that since the beginning of the 1990s has been investing in the provision of comprehensive services to stockbreeders. In collaboration with the French company Allflex Europe S.A.S., it prints and distributes the leading livestock identification products in the Greek market.

– Top raw material
– Incomparable quality final product
– Practical and easy packaging for speed and avoiding mistakes
– Fast and friendly service

Agroktinotrofiki company has top quality raw material in its products, an important advantage for the correct placement and retention of the ear tags in the ears of livestock (a typical example is ULTRA the world’s leading cattle earplug) as well as high-definition printing of the numbers, with immediate affordable, organisational and time benefits for the stockbreeder. Also, the electronic identification products (ear tags and boluses) of top quality and fidelity, compatible with all electronic monitoring systems.

The quality of the products always comes in combination with the services provided by Agroktinotrofiki. We provide the breeder with a fully organised package of the ear tags to avoid any mistakes when placing the ear tags on the animals. We also provide interested future and existing customers with professional service and friendly communication on a commercial and technical level. The marking equipment is of a high standard in order to facilitate the application process of the products to the maximum even after many uses.

Types of ear tags

Senior Cattle Tag

Ultra Cattle Tag (the best tag in the world)

Ear tag applicators

Allflex permanent marker pen

Wide variety of coloured ear tags

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