Agroktinotrofiki is the exclusive representative of frozen sperm of the leading German Genetics and Breeding Organisation GGI-SPERMEX.

GGI-SPERMEX represents 12 cooperatives from all over Germany who bring experience, expertise and genetics from their regions.

The breeding values of bulls offered by GGI-SPERMEX are based on independent, state-controlled data collection and evaluation, meeting the international standards or even exceeding them. Registration, milk recording and breeding value estimation are carried out consistently across Germany in accordance with the laws and rules.

When it comes to cattle breeding, Germany is No. 1 in the world: GGI-SPERMEX’s capabilities are based on the largest registered herd book population and pedigree of Holsteins and Red Holsteins, Fleckvieh and Brown Swiss, in the biggest and most complete reference samples of bulls with progeny control based on genetic selection, one of the oldest herd registries and the most comprehensive breeding program worldwide.

You can download the current sperm catalogue (updated annually)

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