Acquisition and installment of an advanced ear tag printing laser. Higher resolution in printing and faster production of ear tags.

Investing in the future and looking outward, we participated in the livestock expo (Eurotier) in Hanover, Germany.



The company continues to innovate, starting a collaboration with the start-up company OVIS P.C. The result of this collaboration is the creation of a model genetic improvement centre, the only one in Greece. In collaboration with the French company OVITEST, fresh semen from Lacaune rams of high genetic value is produced. Furthermore, they are offered the possibility to import pedigree sheep of high genetic value.

Allflex commissions the company to exclusively place in the Greek market and support the advanced farm management system Allflex Livestock Intelligence.



LaCarnis S.A is established. The new company manages 2 units of dairy cows. Here, all the products produced by the company itself are assessed.

Agroktinotrofiki begins the electronic marking using boluses, the well-known electronic ear tag. 



Despite the fact that Greece is facing a period of intense upheaval and economic recession, the company continues its growth and proceeds with new investments, establishing a new unit with modern equipment for the production of high standard food supplements. 

In collaboration with Allflex Europe S.A.S, a leading company in the field of marking of food-producing animals worldwide, Agroktinotrofiki introduces the placing of five (5) types of conventional ear tags to the Greek market. At the same time, the company equips itself with laser printing units.



In order to better and more promptly serve the livestock farms in Thessaly, Agroktinotrofiki inaugurates its new branch in Larissa. 

The volume of the activities can no longer be covered by the existing facilities, so the company moves to expand with the same capital. 



In its efforts to cover its clients’ needs, Agroktinotrofiki begins new activities in fields such as livestock farm equipment and genetic material. 

The company proceeds with the purchase of land, where it establishes its new private facility, in the area of Agios Athanasios in Thessaloniki. 



The history of the company begins in 1991. At that time, it focused on the trade of agricultural and livestock supplies such as medicine, fertilisers, seeds and food supplements.