• Methionine is an essential amino acid and as it cannot be made by the body, it is consumed by food.
  • Together with lysine, they are the first restrictive amino acids for milk production in ruminant animals. This means that it is the amino acid with the lowest concentration in animal feed in comparison with the required amino acid sequence in milk proteins. Therefore, when it is not administrated as a supplement, a proportionately bigger amount of protein is required to be consumed to form the required amount of protein.
  • We now know that cows are not only in negative energy balance (NEB) but in negative protein balance before and after calving. Administrating bypass methionine 21 days before calving until the high milk production can restrict the mobilisation of amino acids from the cow’s muscles, which has negative consequences on cows’ health and fertility. At the same time, due to the improvement of the amino acid profile, an increase in milk production, an increase in milk protein content and a more efficient utilization of animal feed proteins are expected. Moreover, the functioning of the immune system is improved and oxidative stress is reduced. Finally, it is a methyl donor and a precursor for the synthesis of choline and carnitine, which are involved in lipid metabolism.
  • Our company exclusively has BYMET by Norel which has DL- methionine in a protective form with a hydrogenated lipid matrix.
  • BYMET is administrated in all ruminant species (cows, sheep and goats) during pregnancy and lactation period.
  • The dosage is determined by technical consultants and nutritionists of the company according to the needs of each rearing, as it depends on the overall feed, the metabolisable protein (MP) and the amino acid it provides.

It is available in bags of 25 kg or mixed in mixtures of vitamins, macro and trace elements according to the needs of each rearing.

  • For better results in increasing the protein content of milk, it is recommended to administrate it together with Amino-Shure L (protected lysine).
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