Live yeast exclusively for animal feed.

Participation in premixes intended exclusively for the manufacture of animal feed.

Saccharomyces cerevisae (NCYCSc 47.1 x109 CFU/gr), calcium carbonate and sepiolite.

Animal species:
Cattle, dairy goats, sheep, lambs, horses, pigs.

Fattening calves: 4-8 kg/ton
Lambs: 1.4-14 kg/ton
Cows: 0.4-2 kg/ton
Pigs: 5-10 kg/ton
Goats and sheep: 0.7-7 kg/ton
Horses: 0.8-7 kg/ton

Registration: Stabiliser of intestinal flora Registered in the E.U. No. E1702.

Storage: 1 year in a dry place, temperature 20 0 C.

In fattening calves, the daily amount of Saccharomyces cerevisae should be less than 2.5 x 10 10 CFU for 100 kg B.W. and 2.5x 10 10 CFU for every extra 100 kg B.W.

In cows the daily quantity of Saccharomyces cerevisa is less than 5.6x 10 9 CFU for 100 kg BW. and 8.75x 10 9 CFU for every extra 100 kg B.W.

Production date: see bag
Expiry date: see bag
Batch number: see bag
Net weight: 25 kg
Manufacturer code: a ESP43100015

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