Muesli Prestarter

Flakes and high-protein pellet mix for young calves until weaning


Flakes: corn, barley, apple, lupin, pea, molasses.

Pellets: corn, barley, soy, corn gluten, flaxseed, canola, molasses, oils.

Additives: Vitamin E, magnesium oxide, sodium chloride, monocalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, vitamins, trace elements Nutritional composition Protein 18%, Fat 4%, Starch & Sugar 40%, Cellulose 5%, Vitamin E 200mg/kg, Ca 1%, P 0.5%

Instructions for correct administration:
This product is a supplementary feed for lactating calves. It can also be given for 2-3 days during the transitional period from weaning to the next stage.
Do not administer to sheep.
It does not contain medicinal substances.
Follow the instructions of your veterinarian or nutritionist.

The natural sweet taste combined with the crunchy texture of the baked grain and the high-protein and soft pellets encourage young animals to eat faster and more.

Paper bag, with plastic inner lining, of 25 kg – pallet of 900 kg.

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