Capragno 62 is a milk replacer of high nutritional value in order to meet the breeders’ requirements for breeding future replacement animals. It provides the best performance of body growth (speed and skeleton formulation) through perfect homogeneity between portions and high digestibility for the animal.

  • Milk powder which has undergone low heat pasteurisation (low temperature- longer time) to guarantee the integrity of proteins and thus ensures the best solubility.
  • Olfastim®: an original combination of plant extracts which improve the palatability of feed leading to an optimisation of intake and sucking.
  • Probiotics: They allow a better regulation of the intestinal flora.
  • Low melting point vegetable oil.
  • 100% milk protein.

Growth rate: 10/10
Digestibility: 10/10
Body Constitution: 10/10

  • Skimmed milk powder: 62%
  • Crude proteins: 25%
  • Crude fats: 24%
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