Ρυθμός ανάπτυξης: 8/10
Πεπτικότητα: 7/10
Ακατέργαστες πρωτεΐνες: 22%
Ακατέργαστα λίπη: 19%

Servalor Elite is a milk replacer designed to meet the needs of stockbreeders who wish to wean their calves without problems, achieving at the same time the rearing of strong, healthy and productive replacement calves. Servalor Elite is a milk replacer with a high nutritional value that allows a regular and harmonious growth of the skeleton and muscle mass of the animals.

The combination of fats ensures perfect digestibility and the provision of fast available energy for consumption. Prebiotics promote better regulation of the gut microbiome (intestinal flora) resulting in M.O.S. (Manno-Oligosaccharides) to prevent the development of pathogenic bacteria in the digestive tract.

Development Rate: 8/10
Digestibility: 7/10
Crude proteins: 22%
Crude Fat: 19%

Financial benefits:

  • Lower cost compared to using fresh breast milk.
  • Less diarrhea = less direct expenses (veterinary expenses, mortality) and less indirect expenses (better growth rate, optimisation of calf herd, smoother and more efficient use of equipment and facilities)
  • Faster introduction of animals into the production phase.

Livestock benefits:

  • Faster and more efficient development of the rumen.
  • Higher increase in calf weight.
  • Easier weaning (without problems).
  • Homogeneous and efficient growth.
  • Heifers with optimised herd (first calving at a younger – better age and higher yields in the first lactation period).

Benefits of controlled breeding (with nutritional program):

Practical feeding

  • Flexibility in organising meals.
  • Easy and safe storage of the powder (compared to breast milk which needs cold preservation and reheating before feeding).
  • Stable product that ensures the management of newborns.
  • Easy to use because of efficient and practical dilution.
  • Improved consumption thanks to its excellent taste.

Improvement of sanitary conditions

  • Reducing the risk of infections.
  • Reducing the risk of resistance due to imprudent use of antibiotics.
  • No risk of distortion the digestive flora.
  • Reduction of diarrhea and subsequent illnesses.


  • Milk substitute which is: balanced, stable and homogeneous
  • A beneficial food thanks to the content of vitamins, trace elements and fat
  • Easily digestible food = optimisation of nutrient absorption
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